Phyllis E Parker-Bertun

Phyllis has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over thirty years, with experience in group exercise, person training, education and management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with minor in psychology. She achieved certifications from American College of Sports Medicine, Cooper Institute (CIAR), American council on Exercise GX & PT, Pilates Powerhouse Institute, Power Pilates and Physical Mind, Yoga 200 E-RYT, Zumba, Silver Sneakers and Barre.

After years of Training and observing client perform exercises with faulty body mechanics/posture Phyllis was drawn to the Pilates method of conditioning. With an emphasis on posture and mechanics in her college studies it only made sense to follow a path of study that would aid clients to improve movement. She first studied with Power House Institute where she gained certifications to teach on all apparatus. To advance her study she gained a second mat certification with Power Pilates and certified in v-Barre in 2016. Her passion for teaching Pilates lead her to open her own studio, for 7 years. In 2018 she did a bridge program with Physical Mind institute with opportunity in mind to be a Pilates trainer. 

Phyllis’s experience comes not only from the fitness field, but her professional experience carried over to the medical field. She worked in physical therapy where she taught back school and rehabilitative exercise to patients who were recovering from various orthopedic injury. This prompted her certification/endorsement as Orthopedic Exercise Specialist through ACE.

Adding to her list of credentials, Phyllis utilized her teacher education to teach for Collin County Community College for nine-year. She taught for the American Red Cross as CPR and first aid instructor over five years. Then she took a position as athletic/Fitness director for Stonebriar County club where she designed conditioning programs for golf, tennis, and general population.

Phyllis journey in yoga began with a fitness certification from SCW- Fitness in 2003 when her instructor told her to get yoga certified!  In 2010 she expanded her yoga with Purple Lotus for 200 RYT. Her love for yoga coupled with her studies in eastern medicine and energy healing training. She furthered her guided meditation skills by enrolling in several online programs. Then began a course of independent study to include stress reduction, trauma, using mantras and self-healing with yoga.

With an attitude to always strive to learn and accomplish more through continuing education workshops and conferences she sets her own annual goals. Her 2016 goal was to present at the Dallas Mania convention “Yoga and Chakra”. she has now at Dallas Yoga festival Spring 2018, and the Bhakti festival in February 2020.


In working with people the psychology held within movement always presented itself. Upon being advised by several professionals: LPC, MSW her goal for 2018 was to become a Life Coach.  With the many years of coaching people the neuroscience part of motivation and achieving a goal was an enormous feat.  Life coaching will enable her to take you through a complete process on a path to total success.   

In 2019, After working in a cancer rehab program with the YMCA she gained certification with CETI -endorsed as a cancer exercise specialist. 

Photo: Phyllis on right, daughter Serena on left.  Serena teaches Zumba in Oregon is a FF-EMT and MA.