Winter SOLSTICE Meditation


Join me December 20 At 2:00 pm

Join me on Zoom Friday December 20 for a winter solstice meditation. This meditation was inspired by Ted Andrews. We will begin the meditation time with breath work and music tones to relax and sooth the body and mind.  You will find a comfortable place to sit or lye down and just listen. 

 Friday December 20th the day before to prepare you to continue the practice for the next three consecutive days.  

45 minute meditation $15.00  - A recorded version can be received the next day if you can't make it to the session. 

7 Weeks of yoga and chakras - bring in the new year let go o


Yoga and Chakras

Over the course of 7 weeks we will practice asana's (postures) to connect you deeper into balancing your physical energy with your spiritual energy.  

You will learn the psychology held in each energy center, the developmental stage for each chakra.  You will be able to identify blocks, energy leaks, illness, obstacles - all which can be cleared and open you to achieving, manifesting and shining out to others.  

A Practice will consist of physical postures (asanas) to bring you deeper into connection with your physical body.  Modifications will be offered, You can use a chair, pillow, blankets, blocks to help support your body in the practice.

This will allow you to re-align and find balance within your energy centers. Just as we move from fall to winter with the end of the year on the horizon this practice will allow you to release what no longer serves you and set an intention for the new year to come. 

Beginning: Nov 7, Thur. 9:00 am

Sign up through email and payment option scroll down Paypal. Email will be sent to you for login and it will be live.  So mute all until the end as some of you know each other. 

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Bonus session: Refer a friend and get Winter solstice meditation - Dec. 21st 

7 sessions for $57.00

Winter Solstice practice and meditation will be on the Winter Solstice 12/21

Yamuna Body Rolling

July 18, 2019 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm "Save your Hips" Learn techniques to release the hips and low back resulting in greater freedom of movement. performed on a yoga mat, mostly seated, side position. You will sink your body weight into a 4-6"ball, creating traction combined with breath allows a deep release. Freeing the facia and lengthening tissues of the body to be more pliable. Limited space: $17.00 per person

Events * Workshops


Workshop: Alignment Mat

This alignment mat was created to help you achieve the correct stance for your standing asanas.  Your stance is the foundation you build a asna upon.  This will effect your balance, stability and goal of the posture.  In  Warrior I the foot position is different than in Warrior II, when the feet are not in the proper alignment the successive asana's are incorrect and the goal is not achieved.. 

Yoga Workshops

In a yoga workshop I: You learn how to use this mat to help guide your foot placement as you build your asana from the ground up. Movement of the feet or foot work is your basic building block for an asana, stepping into and out of each asana will become easier when you identify your posturing and alignment of each body segment. Learning to pivot on the ball or heal, or to work the foot through the length of the arch to move by small increments into position. 

In Yoga Workshop II: you will learn to link and step back or forward into asanas, you will learn modifications for challenging postures.  You will be introduced to different sequences. 

In Yoga Workshop III: This can be created based on the need.  We can do inversions, team building inversions, work against a wall and with a partner.  Or visit Yin yoga or Yoga nidra. 

Workshop series of 3 or 4 determined by outline specific to your population of students/members.

Schedule a workshop in your facility

Custom designed to meet your members needs..

2 hour workshop, minimum of 8 students in attendance.  


Alignment mats are available for sale $42.00 each plus shipping fee 10.00

Yoga workshops scheduled 2019

APEX Centre:  McKinney, Texas          January, April, November

Del Web Senior Living - EXOS:  Frisco   June

Workshop - Certification: Supported Yoga on Stability Ball

I created a program, wrote the manual, and want to teach others my program.

I created this program as the need arose for individuals to be successful with yoga but not limited to a chair or having to perform vinyasa style moves.  

The program is organized with seated on the ball postures, standing postures, kneeling, seated on mat, and supine.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Eight hour program $249.00

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