Supported Yoga on Stability Ball

I created a program, wrote the manual, and want to teach others my program.

I created this program as the need arose for individuals to be successful with yoga but not limited to a chair or having to perform vinyasa style moves.  

The program is organized with seated on the ball postures, standing postures, kneeling, seated on mat, and supine.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Eight hour program $249.00

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Medicine Card Meditation July 29, 2018 3:30 pm


Have you ever had an animal show up, such as a red headed woodpecker? Which is not an everyday occurance!

Is there meaning? Animal medicine is that which improves one's connection to the great mystery and to all life.  At this session you will practice yin yoga, after drawing 5 cards, your totem.  During the practice and in the meditation you will be given the meaning of your animals in your totem, which you can apply to your life.  Share if you wish at the end.   

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Supported yoga on Stability Ball Certification-workshop


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