Life Coaching - Is there a desire your holding deep within -


Group session beginning April 9 - 12:00-1:00

Change in inevitable... Change can occur in a day, an hour, a week...

Weather you are experiencing a change in career, relationship, academic, social or health. As a Life coach I will help you navigate the process and hold you accountable.


Identify your path, define your intention.  Clarify.

Write your life mission statement. If God gave you that yellow brick road how would it look?

The second step is setting Goals, being specific. 

The third step is resolving the goals, Identify outcomes from past events that hold you back from moving forward, identifying negative beliefs or stumbling blocks to what holds you back. 

"you are worthy of your intention". 

How the program works:

Each week we set an appointment by phone, in person, or zoom.

Each week you will work on specific intentions, goals and outcomes.

  • You will keep a daily journal  
  •  You will have a reading resource list with weekly assignments. 
  • Create a personal mission statement to read each day.  
  • Meditation - learning to take time for self.

Life Coaching 8 week program: $675.00 additional 4 weeks $335.00. Initial consultation $85.00 incl

Energy healing - Animal Guides - Totems


Reiki - Heart to Heart - Shamanic practices

Using the disciplines of Reiki, Healing Touch III, Heart to Heart and shamanic influence. I work with angels, guides and spirits in your energy field, allowing you to relax and heal. Energy work is a positive exchange proven successful in decreasing pain, stress, while facilitating recovery and healing. Healing comes from a greater source to help with those going through cancer treatment, post operative procedures, psychotherapy, Cardiovascular disease, and Endocrine/Immune function.  

Healing with Animal Guides

Guided meditation for you to drop into relaxation and identify your power animal.  This animal has been by your side, you may or maynot have noticed.  Totem readings, Power animal oracles, feather readings. I have a great appreciation for working with animals, talking with them and giving you readings. 


A few experiences with animals I will share: I once heard a Red headed woodpecker tapping outside my window.  The tapping brought me to look out that window and the bird was not just your average backyard visitor.  Would you like to know what he came to tell me? or possibly you have an animal that appeared to you. 

 I often see hawks and had always wanted a feather, when one day a very narreled up feather appeared near my front entrance.  I washed it in dawn and you would never suspect it was the same feather. 

I learned to listen to the body language of my horse and then was able to tune into and talk with other animals that cross my path. 

Cardinals frequently visit my yard, both male and female come and bring their babies in spring. 

My first client was my female dachshund who loves energy! Her son suffers from pancreatic bouts and that is his choice of healing my hands on his belly and back. 

The Process

First you will fill out a brief form identifying your needs, you don't have disclose anything you don't want to.  You will lay on a massage table, fully clothed, no shoes, close your eyes and relax with soothing music, and essential oils of choice.  I will work in your auric field with the Angels, guides and spirit.  The work will calm you, allow you to feel a release  stagnation, illness and discomfort in your body.  I will work to Clear negative beliefs or blockages causing the discomfort.

 Healing from the heart with Angels  offering recommended $85.