Life Coaching


Are you questioning what direction your life should go? Do you feel stagnant, are you experiencing anxiety about your next step?

A Life coach guides you along a path to find your passion, by identifying your TRUE Self.

Begin by setting yourself free of past negative experiences.

Set Realistic achievable goals.

How exciting is creating your future!! 

As your Life Coach I will guide you through a process to identify your true self with the realization that your potential is endless.  You will instill into your being that you are worthy of Love, abundance, success in relationships and career.

We both know deep within your soul, your purpose here on earth is to bring forth, and contribute greatness!

How the program works:

Each week you will be given an assignment consist of reading, writing.  Once a week you  will meet and discuss the assignment while receiving coaching.

  •  You will keep a daily journal  
  •  You will have a reading resource list.
  •  You will identify who you are at the core. 
  • You will  identify the origin of your limiting beliefs.
  •  You will identify what gives you excitement and  passion.
  •  Rewrite your life script.... 
  • Create a personal mission statement to read each day.  

12 week program: $975.00 Initial consultation$75.00

Life Coaching - combination - MEDITATION - Reiki healing


*Combination - in person sessions

In person session will allow you to request a Reiki, or meditation session that will help you with the program weekly assignment.  This is a choice if needed to help you to achieve the weekly assignment.  This type of session can also be accomplished live on line. 


Guided meditation bring yourself into a calm and relaxed state to alleviate anxiety.  Finding your calm place will allow you to free yourself from judgement and receive insights from your higher self pertaining to each assignment.  Yin yoga practice can also be used here to cultivate awareness of body and mind. 

Reiki - Healing Touch

This modality can help you to relax deeper, with the assistance of the healer can allow you to remove stagnation that is creating an obstacle in your progression.  Clearing past negative beliefs from the auric layers of the body.