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Yoga and Pilates small group schedule:


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            Thursday 6:45 pm Jan. 2019


     *All Levels - slow flow or Yin Yoga with guided  meditation for relaxation

Pilates mat:

      Wednesday 5:15 pm

      Friday 9:00 am

          *with small equipment: balls, bands, magic circle. 

*not all classes listed are in session, call for current up to date status. minimum required.

Pilates Apparatus Training (see below)

        Privates: booked according to your schedule.



APEX city of McKinney classes

            Monday: Yoga 5:00 pm, Barre 6:00 pm

           Tuesday : Yin Yoga 8:30 am

            Wednesday: Yoga 7;00 PM 

            Thursday: Supported Yoga 1:00 PM

             Tuesday: Mind body on Boga 7:15 pm


D.R. Natatorium - City of Allen 

            Tuesday: Chair Yoga 10:15 - 11:05 am

            Wednesday: Yin Yoga 12:15

            Thursday: Cardio/strength 6:00 - 6:50 pm

            Saturday: Yoga 8:30 - 9:30 am

Allen Senior Center

            Chair Yoga: Tuesday 11:30 am

Yoga w stability ball: Thursday 11:30 am

Barre w chair: Thursday 5:15 pm

Price List

FAQs: Pilates and yoga a mind body forms of physical movement. They both use core work and complement each other. Meditation does not adhere to any religion. Guided meditation allows you to focus away from your everyday situations, with the goal to relax and let stress dissolve into your own journey.

Life Coaching

Sessions begin on the first Friday of month


February 1

March 5

June 7

August 2

October 4

Objective is to eliminate limiting beliefs and manifest your life and destiny.

Each week you will be given an assignment.  These assignments will allow you to retrieve from your subconscious the belief system you currently operate from.  You will be directed through a process to identify who you were truly meant to be and draw out your passion.  You will create a mission statement, write out goals, and tasks.  You will be held accountable for all weekly assignments.  Once a week you will spend on phone or computer reviewing assignments and planning your forward evolution to success and manifesting your life. 


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