Movement in the Physical Body to Empower the Mind

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Yoga moves you, meditation clears you, healing releases you and coaching finds you.

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Yoga, Meditation

Yoga, Meditation

Yoga, Meditation

My own journey to health and healing the physical, emotional and spiritual body brought out my ability to help others.  In Yoga, the asana practice gets into  your physical body. While you work through an asana you physically and mentally resolve what arises.  As you move and breath and ask you body specifics from asana not only are there physical responses, but mental processing that can arise, just like a triggered response. 

Meditation allows you to quiet the mind chatter, relax the physical body and begin to know yourself deeper.  

In this deep place you find Peace, Calm and healing.

Yin yoga is a more meditative practice as you are not using muscles to stand, balance or flow.  on the mat you hold positions to stretch fascia that wraps the muscle, ligaments and tendons that attach.  These tissues are hard to lengthen. During the hold time of these seated or lying postures your mind is directed away. 

Created guided meditations allow you to direct your thoughts away - to escape - like a mind movie.  To heal. 


Energy Healing

Yoga, Meditation

Yoga, Meditation

There exists an energy field in all matter, this energy field surrounds our body is referred to as the bio magnetic field.  Energy Healing uses the gift of touch to influence the human energy system.  To define touch, it may be a very light touch or no touch at all, as the practitioner works in your field a few inches around the body.

The goal is to restore balance and harmony placing the client in a position to self-heal.

Healing Touch has proven successful with the following:

· Pain

· Stress

· Cancer

· Pre or Post-Operative

· Psychotherapy

· Cardio-vascular disease

· Endocrine/Immune function

Training modalities of Reiki, Heart to Heart and Healing Touch along with shamanic tools using animal messages, creating totems and walking the medicine wheel.

 With all healing Angels, guides and power animals are invited and welcomed. 


Life Coaching

Yoga, Meditation

Life Coaching

Challenges of the Journey

"There is nothing simple in developing self-understanding, independence, and self-respect, even though the journey consists of only four stages". 

C. Myss states in

 "Anatomy of Spirit"

Who are you? 

What do you want from this life?

If your journey in life has taken you to dead ends or offers more challenge than success. 

Let's change that!

As your Life coaching I will guide you through a process to 

find your path. Release negative beliefs that are holding you back. Manifest what you want and a plan to get you there.

Set an intent that will align you with the life you desire.