Yoga Meditation Life Coaching Energy HealingYoga Meditation Life Coaching Energy HealingYoga Meditation Life Coaching Energy HealingYoga Meditation Life Coaching Energy Healing

Physical movement provides the means to change a mental outlook to yield a transformation in your Life. 

Yoga | Pilates | Training | Life coaching

Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing


My own journey to health and healing the physical, emotional and spiritual body brought out my ability to help others.  Yoga, psychology and Energy healing have provided insight  into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to developing a safe effective plan in your healing process.

I create healing meditations for my clients that allow them to heal from inside at the heart center with gratitude and love. 

Personal Training, Pilates and Rehabilitation


Extensive experience allows me to guide you to  successfully achieve your physical goals. Goal setting is established in your first session.  Cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, balance, stress reduction, rehabilitation.  As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist I see that clients improve  their  movement to a higher level of function. As Cancer Education Specialist I assist clients in finding a stronger self.  Overall I help you make lifestyle changes with satisfaction.  

Life Coaching


If your journey in life offers more challenge than success, if you feel like your being drug down. As a Life coaching I will guide you through a process of unraveling your true self.  Your true self is what your soul's purpose  to fulfill  in this life.  You will create your personal mission statement. You identify what keeps you stuck, often obstacles.. You will set goals and begin winning at each one. 

  I help you move your body and your mind to be the greatest ideal of yourself each and every day.