Movement in the Physical Body to Empower the Mind


Yoga moves you, meditation clears you, healing releases you and coaching finds you.

Yoga | Energy Healing| Life coaching


Yoga, Meditation Class

Yoga, Meditation Class

Yoga, Meditation Class

Movement of the body in gentle yoga practice to challenging flows

Moving with the breath

Meditation allows the mind to relax, to begin to know yourself deeper.  

Guided meditation created for you.  


Energy Healing

Yoga, Meditation Class

Yoga, Meditation Class

There exists an energy field in all matter, this energy field surrounds our body is referred to as the bio magnetic field.   

The goal is to restore balance and harmony 

Healing Touch has proven successful with the following:

· Pain

· Stress

· Cancer

· Pre or Post-Operative

· Psychotherapy

· Cardio-vascular disease

· Endocrine/Immune function


Life Coaching

Yoga, Meditation Class

Life Coaching

Life is a Journey

"There is nothing simple in developing self-understanding, independence, and self-respect". 

C. Myss states in

 "Anatomy of Spirit"

If your journey in life has taken you to dead ends or offers more challenge than success. 

Life Coaching will help you